Talking about the writer: Carrie Fisher

This week on my continuing web series into screenwriters and their work features Carrie Fisher, who wrote the screenplay for the semi-autobiographical film, "Postcards from the Edge"... What writer should I feature in the future?

The Ever Elusive Feature Film

Short films are fine, but they haven't really made money since the end of the era where audiences would sit in the cinema all day and watch a Newsreel, a Cartoon, a Short Film and then a Double Feature. All for less than a dollar. But that era has long gone. The B-Movie has now... Continue Reading →

Great advice for screenwriters (reblog)

by Fin Wheeler Every time an award-winning screenwriter gives an interview, the reporter inevitably asks what they consider the essential elements to success in screenwriting. Just as inevitably, the successful subject responds that talent, determination, hard work, luck, and the right attitude are fundamental ingredients in gaining and maintaining a high profile as a professional… via... Continue Reading →

Just because you have Final Draft…

Just because you have Final Draft, doesn't mean that your opus is correctly formatted. The amount of scripts I've read lately (hey, I'm a producer as well, people send them to me), that are just plain not scripts. Makes me want to send everybody back to film school (or in many cases for the first... Continue Reading →

Enemies of the Script

be-verbs. "Is" and "are" pose a greater threat to your script than a grumpy reader at MGM. "Is" denotes a state. A state can be photographed, but it can't be filmed. Activate that sentence now! Ah! But I hear you say, "what about 'is ~ing'?" Well, yes that is an action, which can be filmed.... Continue Reading →

My secret writing muse

I know the name of my muse. I know that for most people, it is some ethereal being that they sit down and pray that she will be kind enough to visit them. But I know her name. She was my second cousin. I met her at the age of 8. She was and is... Continue Reading →

The 30 minutes of hell that changed my life

“Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell.” ― Carrie Fisher, Wishful Drinking Life is lived forwards, but is only understood backwards. I present: A still life in forward motion I've long forgotten whether or not she said it in a personal email, a blog, or in an interview (a tribute to what a... Continue Reading →

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