"Lost Hope" is a creepy new short horror film from one of the makers of the "Silent Hill: Stolen Heart" fan film and DJ Mistress Macabre a.k.a Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc who is a best selling, award winning author of Horror Sinisteria. The short film was filmed on the Nexus Android Phone using the VHS-Cam … Continue reading LOST HOPE, A CREEPY SHORT FILM FROM JAPAN

Backroads (1976) – Cult Classic Review

Backroads (1976) Classic Review by Hamish Downie https://www.ozflix.tv/#!/browse/film/2790/backroads Recently, Ozflix, Australia’s answer to Netflix opened for business. It promised every Australian film ever a kind of commercial library or preservation society. And perhaps someday, if they are successful enough, they may be able to deliver on the promise. But, for now, there is a limited … Continue reading Backroads (1976) – Cult Classic Review

More great advice on screenwriting (reblog)

by Angela Bourassa My Saturday at ScriptFest was a whirlwind experience. I sat on a panel about pitching with John Bucher, Tara Bennett, and Scotty Mullen, then I got to meet one-on-one with writers for the entire afternoon, helping them perfect their pitches before the Pitchfest on Sunday. That meant that I only got to… via … Continue reading More great advice on screenwriting (reblog)

Great advice for screenwriters (reblog)

by Fin Wheeler Every time an award-winning screenwriter gives an interview, the reporter inevitably asks what they consider the essential elements to success in screenwriting. Just as inevitably, the successful subject responds that talent, determination, hard work, luck, and the right attitude are fundamental ingredients in gaining and maintaining a high profile as a professional… via … Continue reading Great advice for screenwriters (reblog)

Robyn Loau – “The Last Time”

Thank you as always to the ‘Big Gay Horror Fan’ for sharing my latest short film/music video for Robyn Loau – “The Last Time” 🙂

Big Gay Horror Fan

As the GLBT community finally gains its rights and full respects in the eyes of the law, it seems like the worst time to genuflect before its faults. But, humanity is a complex and varied beast and, for years now, queer publications have covered the very harrowing (and unfortunately) truthful stories of domestic violence that occur in same sex relationships.

Recently, director-writer Hamish Downie and cinematographer Paul Lemming gave these circumstances a very Silent Hill twist with their video for singer Robyn Loau’s The Last Time. Imbued with a restrained toxicity, this tale of a lesbian couple caught in a loop of violence, is, ultimately, haunting on many levels.

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!


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