‘Nobody was that interested in hiring me…”—Fincher

Fincher, one of my favourite directors, did more than his 10,000 hours before his break with Madonna and “Aliens 3”.

Screenwriting from Iowa

“I never took advertising seriously enough to worry about whether or not there was any sort of moral ambiguity about—I mean [Fight Club] probably more accurately depicts my take on advertising and what it provides for society than any of the advertising that I did. But, you know, you work where you can. I would have much rather started off making movies but nobody was that interested in hiring me to make movies early on so I did music videos and commercials as a way to just, you know, play with the tools.”
Two-time Oscar-nominated director David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club, The Social Network)
Fight Club Blu-ray director’s commentary 

At 18-years-old Fincher began working for Korty Films in Mill Valley, California before going on to work for ILM in San Francisco. Next Fincher began directing commercials and music videos, and eventually feature films. “Work where you…

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Everything is a remix

I watched this webseries recently and wanted to share it with all of you. It's really interesting, and has some ideas about intellectual property and creativity that we all need to think about. Thank you to this article for my inspiration.

Square Garden (POEM)

Marvin, In his square garden, Marvelling at a rose; A bee stings his little brown nose, and he stands in a funny pose, as he grows, into a man.

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