More great advice on screenwriting (reblog)

by Angela Bourassa My Saturday at ScriptFest was a whirlwind experience. I sat on a panel about pitching with John Bucher, Tara Bennett, and Scotty Mullen, then I got to meet one-on-one with writers for the entire afternoon, helping them perfect their pitches before the Pitchfest on Sunday. That meant that I only got to… via … Continue reading More great advice on screenwriting (reblog)

Great advice for screenwriters (reblog)

by Fin Wheeler Every time an award-winning screenwriter gives an interview, the reporter inevitably asks what they consider the essential elements to success in screenwriting. Just as inevitably, the successful subject responds that talent, determination, hard work, luck, and the right attitude are fundamental ingredients in gaining and maintaining a high profile as a professional… via … Continue reading Great advice for screenwriters (reblog)

A lifetime of trying to be somebody part 1

Sometime when I was a toddler, I was playing with some lego blocks and building little plastic buildings. The story goes that my Mother turned to my Grandmother, proud as punch, and said, "Look a handyman!" To which my Grandmother replied, "No, an Artist." And she was right. At the age of eight, infatuated with … Continue reading A lifetime of trying to be somebody part 1

Midnight fears and writer’s block

The hidden history of world war two isn't really hidden at all. It's there on the internet for all to read, if anyone would care for a second to turn away from whatever the latest thing Honey Boo Boo said and read it. This history has been hidden for our own good, and to protect … Continue reading Midnight fears and writer’s block