New Vlog Series “Hamish’s Kitchen”

I've started a daily vlog "Hamish's Kitchen" which will detail the process of making my first feature-length film: Hamish's Kitchen Playlist I hope that you'll check it out! Hopefully it will provide some insight into what a producer's life is like. Best wishes for the season! xx

The Ever Elusive Feature Film

Short films are fine, but they haven't really made money since the end of the era where audiences would sit in the cinema all day and watch a Newsreel, a Cartoon, a Short Film and then a Double Feature. All for less than a dollar. But that era has long gone. The B-Movie has now... Continue Reading →

New interview (TG Geeks)

Hello everyone, sorry I've been missing in action, but I've got this new short film out, and it's premiering at the Shorts Off Film Festival in Wales, and it's called "Silence". To celebrate, I was interviewed by TG Geeks, a great podcast coming out of Arizona in the good ol' US of A. Hope you... Continue Reading →

The vital importance of LEGO

This photo was taken back in 1991.┬áLego was such an important part of my childhood. If you think I love music and film now, it's nothing compared to how much I loved Lego as a kid. I spent every last dime I had on lego bricks (not unlike filmmaking now). It's a little embarrassing, but... Continue Reading →

updates and more

It's been a hot minute since I last posted. Life has really got in the way of blogging. Scratch that. Got in the way sounds like what happened isn't want I wanted to happen. A lot of wonderful things happened, which in turn, lead me in directions that didn't include writing. Now, I'm back baby!... Continue Reading →

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