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Hamish Downie is an Australian writer/producer and music video director based in Japan. Notable work includes the 2011 music video for Robyn Loau’s (lead singer of Aussie girl group Girlfriend) single Never Let You Down, and the award-winning short films Silence and An American Piano.

In 2012, he produced the short film, Prism, based on the many-worlds theory, which was one of the finalists in the 2012 Quantum Shorts Competition in Singapore. The Multi Award-Winning short film, “An American Piano”, which he wrote and produced was officially selected to screen at the TIFF Kids 2015 festival, Sapporo Int. Short Film Festival and has been shown around the world. He also co-wrote and produced the horror fan film, “Silent Hill: Stolen Heart” and worked on Paul Leeming’s follow up horror short, “Pieces of 8”. His directorial debut, Silence, played the LGBT Film Festival circuit and received a Notable Mention from the Let’s All Be Free Film Festival. Recently, he released the experimental horror film, Lost Hope, to YouTube and received coverage from Dread Central.

In 2017, Hamish released his debut Manga, Mirai, both in English and Japanese. It spent 6 months in the top 40 of Children’s eBook Manga on the Australian Amazon site, and reached the top 10 on the US site.

In addition to this, Hamish has worked in magazines, first serving as Managing Editor and Graphic Designer of the local zine, “Out Now Magazine”, and serving as a guest music critic and interviewer on the website, “Alt Sounds” which is based in London and NYC.


Accolades: In 2015, “An American Piano” was awarded Best Film in Documentary at the 2nd Navi Mumbai International Film Festival. In 2002, Hamish’s work on the set design for Clark in Sarajevo was nominated for a CONDA Award for Best Set Design. Silent Hill: Stolen Heart has been featured on the websites Arrow in the Head, Kotaku, and is listed No. 36 on Konami’s official Youtube playlist of best fan-films based on their games.


For business enquires: hamishdownie [at] gmail dot com

Drop me a line: @hamishdownie on Twitter

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