Damien Bodie, Robyn Loau join the cast of animated short The Last Anomaly

Very excited to be able to announce this!

Cinema Australia

Robyn Loau.

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Neighbours actor Damien Bodie and Idiot Box star Robyn Loau have joined the cast of animated short The Last Anomaly, which also includes Adam J Yeend (Scary Endings: The Water Rises).

The Last Anomaly tells the story of Daniel (Yeend) who is stuck in limbo. He’s not good enough for heaven, nor is he bad enough for hell. When he meets with the Entity (Loau), Daniel must become involved in a battle of wits in order to be reunited with his lover, Joshua (Bodie). 

The script was penned by Hamish Downie (An American Piano, Matcha & Vanilla), with Adrian Austin (former recipient of the FTO Young Filmmaker Fund), and Ross Ozarka (NZ-based animator behind Oops, I Murdered the Person the Person I Like Likes).

Downie is helming the short with Ozarka doing the animation in…

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