The Ultra Vivid Lament- Manic Street Preachers

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Sail into the abyss with me…

Nearly thirty years on from receiving a perplexing cassette containing songs about ‘neon loneliness’, high street banks and packed with thrilling riffs, I still get goosebumps when Manic Street Preachers release a new album. I can trace my life through their records- it seems there was never a time when they weren’t there- like David Attenborough or Paul McCartney. They’re an institution then, but one that still turns up with lipstick smeared and tie askew. The disgraceful uncles.

But that’s not quite true is it? It was probably just about correct until the mid-nineties when they became, as a creative force, statelier, more considered. Nicky Wire still had an acidic tongue, and the riffs at times still had the power to give you whiplash, but that became the exception rather than usual business. They elevated themselves into the room with those whose stock and…

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