Impossible To Imagine (2019)

Here’s a lovely review from Chris Watt, who reviewed my short film “Silence” many years ago. This is for a film I produced, “Impossible to Imagine”


The notion of progress grating against tradition is at the heart of writer/director Felicity Tillack’s debut feature film, Impossible To Imagine.

It’s a gentle film, with a bittersweet undercurrent, that carefully crafts a love story about two complete opposites, Ami, played with a quiet tenderness and longing by Yukiko Ito , and Hayato, a charismatic, well-judged turn from William Yagi.

Ami runs her family’s kimono shop, in a working class area of Kyoto, where she also lives with her father (Kazuya Moriyama.) It’s a neighbourhood on the verge of being forgotten (even the school is closed) and you get the sense that time has stood still for this family, since the departure of the mother. Time is a factor in every element of life here. From the pace of the traditional tea ceremony, to the lack of business that threatens to see the family shop closed down, Ami finds…

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