The vital importance of LEGO

21. Hamish's house (with ackground light mode)(12.05 pm  Sun 27 Jan 1991).jpgThis photo was taken back in 1991. Lego was such an important part of my childhood. If you think I love music and film now, it’s nothing compared to how much I loved Lego as a kid. I spent every last dime I had on lego bricks (not unlike filmmaking now).
It’s a little embarrassing, but you can see how I used to use the cheaper bricks in the back to make up for the fact I didn’t have enough of the more expensive white bricks. I was inspired by the exhibition homes that I used to force my suffering family to visit when I wanted to become an architect (now I make scripts – the blueprint for a film – not a house). A lot of houses which were designed to look more expensive than they were used to be brick in the front, and weatherboard in the back.

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