#100gratefulDays #002 I’m grateful there’s more than one type of person in the world


DSC_0181I’m so glad there’s more than one type of person in the world. I mean, how boring would it be if we were all perfect gym bunnies (shout out to Ken)? You know, in Japan, where people look quite similar to each other, imperfections are celebrated. Case in point, many Japanese find a mouth full of unstraightened teeth cute. Same goes for bow-legged girls. I imagine that if we were all bronzed gods and goddesses, that the same would apply.

So, I’ve learned to celebrate the things that make me “ugly”.

The first person I dated in Japan once said that the thing they liked best about me was my “high” nose (no I’m not on drugs – it means that I’ve got a big one… nose that is), and my big eyes (which to me were like bulging bug eyes that were too big, and too close together). And recently, a person that I’ve been spending some quality time with said that the thing they liked about me was that I was a bit overweight!

Amazing isn’t it? The things we hate about ourselves are sometimes the very things that make us attractive to others! If we were to poke and pull and cut off everything we didn’t like about ourselves (like all those people at Cannes), we’d just be these generic creatures that all blend into together.

I’m grateful that Japan has taught me to appreciate that there is diversity of opinion in the world, and that there really is no “right” answer when it comes to what is attractive.



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