Short Film Sunday: Script (Psychological Thriller)

Four strangers participate in a psychological experiment in a dark space with nothing else than a table and four envelopes. They are getting payed 100.000 yen to sit in there for 10 minutes, but it wont be as easy as it seems…
Short movie “Script” was shot in Japan 2011 by cinematographer Paul Leeming. Directed and written by Albert Ventura, actually looking for sponsors for the long feature version. If you are interested in collaborating please contact:

Albert Ventura links:

脚本・監督:アルベルト・ベントゥラ 出演:中原丈雄 佐々井隆史 大西貴之 後藤ユウミ 渡辺哲

© 2011 Script All Rights Reserved.

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