Mum always told me not to shovel my food…


Camp is one of those hipster, organic, hole-in-the-wall places that you usually expect to find in Shimo-Kitazawa. But, this place is in Yoyogi, hidden in the basement. It only has four tables, and there is usually a queue out the front. Their curries have enough veggies for the whole day, and there are vegetarian options (rare for Tokyo). They are a little heavy on the Cayenne Pepper, so it can make the faint-hearted foodie weep a little. A word of warning, there is little difference between the no-spice level and the first level of spice. An interesting quirk of the place is that all the untensils are shaped like garden shovels, which for me was a little weird. My Mother always scolded me about shovelling my food… “but Mum! The spoon is a shovel!!!!”

Click on the photo to take you to a site which all the details of where to go try this great little place. Then tweet me @hamishdownie and let me know what you thought! Where should I go next?


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