Flashback: Location scouting for Robyn Loau’s “Never Let You Down” music video

As we are just beginning to finally see the finish line on our short film, “An American Piano”, I thought it might be fun to look back on what got all of this started – making the music video for Robyn Loau’s “Never Let You Down”.

There were three location scouts for this project. First, my boyfriend and I went for a walk the previous Sunday to Shinjuku and scouted out most of these locations. I then went back for a second look a few days later, then the next night Paul and I took a final look together and mapped out the story and the shooting schedule. As we were basically running around Shinjuku, we needed to create a logical progression of locations, so that we were travelling the least amount of distance.

Upon rediscovery of these photos, the biggest thing I noticed was how young I looked, and also how sick I looked. I guess the stress of my first professional gig that would hopefully launch my career, combined with the pressure of making something for my favourite singer did take its toll.

This was the first time that Paul and I had worked together, our next project would be the short horror fan film “Silent Hill: Stolen Heart”. You could say that this was like our “call and response” films, NYLD was mainly my vision supported by Paul, whereas SH:SH was mainly his vision supported by me. Through both of these works, Paul really helped me find my voice as a writer. Plus we’ve really grown and matured as a team. And soon  that will be on display in “An American Piano”.

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