Pieces of film history we never got to see…

Did you know that Judy Garland was supposed to be in “Valley of the Dolls”? Or that Jerry Lewis made a comedy for children set in the Nazi Concentration Camps?

Well, thanks to the internet, now we can all take a look at these films that never happened, or happened in a different way to the original plan.

Judy Garland “Valley of the Dolls” Screen Test

Judy Garland was originally hired to play Helen Lawson, an ageing star who thwarts the ambitions of Patty Duke’s character (who resembles Judy a great deal). She was replaced allegedy because of some diva like behaviour, which resulted in her stealing the outfits made for her

Here is the film we got to see:

Can you imagine how much better they film would have been with Judy in it? Sure the film is very much one of it’s time, and it survives as a camp classic (albeit with a very melancholic theme song)… although I believe this is based on reputation more than the actual film.

Jerry Lewis in “The Day the Clown Cried”

A film which Jerry Lewis says is locked in a vault and will die with him. Whatever you might think of the film, allegedly a comedy about a German clown who entertains Jewish children as he leads them to their deaths… from this footage, it seems to have been made with a lot of care.

If you haven’t read about this film, this article is the one to read >> 

Gloria Swanson in “Queen Kelly”

So much money was spent (most of it Gloria’s own money) on making this picture. It was allegedly against the moral codes of the time. A fiery relationship between star and director began. Censorship and the invent of sound pictures killed this film off. Director and Star eventually worked together on a picture that was released, “Sunset Blvd.” – he wasn’t the director however – he played her butler! Also, the film “Queen Kelly” was seen in part in Sunset Blvd… in the scene where Norma Desmond relives her past glories.

Marilyn Monroe in “Something’s got to give”

Here in her last unfinished film, we got to hear Marilyn’s voice unaffected. And for the straight men who read this… nearly nude.

Here’s the “full” film for your enjoyment…

Are there any films that you wish that you could see?



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