A cruel mistress (POEM)

The book ended, and in a way, so did my life –

For what was once my raison d’etre, has now faded –

I tried not reading the last chapter, but my will was weak,

How can a hiker stop just before he reaches the peak?

Oh! How I mocked thee at first, as I waded through the first few pages…

barely able to contain my contempt. But something made me linger on –

If only to see if it got any worse, only to be ensnared by her turn of phrase,

It’s only a passing phase, I cried.

But no, soon I could not live without you by my side,

And then, as the last page was turned, it was you, cruel mistress, who had the final chuckle. You knew all along I could not live without you.

And now I must wait for your memory to fade, before I once more, venture deep into the heart, of another heartless book. 


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