It’s been a year!

So, wordpress tells me that it has been a year since I first started blogging. Sorry, I haven’t been as good with posting this past six months… but I can tell you out there in the blog world that my short film, “An American Piano” has reached the rough cut stage. To quote Paul Leeming, our fearless director:

I’m very pleased to say that we finally have the first fine cut of “An American Piano”! Many thanks to Hamish Downie for being my right hand man in getting to this point.Before you get too excited, this is NOT final cut. But it IS a coherent movie you can watch and get a feel for the story. It still needs some finessing and tightening as well as a round of critical feedback from a couple of people, but the finish line is definitely in sight now.I can say that I am extremely proud of the entire cast and crew – the movie right now is a very beautiful and emotional piece befitting its primary purpose of doing justice to the true story of Mrs Youko Koshida, so for that I thank each and every one of you who worked on it and supported it in any way.From here, once final cut is locked on the visual side, we will move forward to sound editing, music composition, colour correction, VFX and all the other post production stuff that needs to happen before we can call the movie finished.So we’re not there yet, but we are a massive step closer. Okay, back to the grindstone!!

Of course, it is thanks to his aerobatic editing gymnastics, which I witnessed personally as his sort of assistant editor. So, yay to us! And a big congratulations to the cast and crew of AAP 🙂 And a big thanks to all who have supported us on this journey so far… it’s not over yet! xxoo

And YAY to you! Thanks for staying with me so far.

And now… I have a question for you! What sort of topics would you like me to write about in the future? Personal stories seem to get the most views… however on the flip-side, my poetry seems to get the most likes. So, as they say, please PM me, tweet me, or leave a comment in the comments section below!



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