Non-Day #amnotwriting

Today was a non-day. I achieved absolutely nothing at all. I watched “Silver Linings Playbook”, which was incredibly depressing, and was so lazy that I ate lunch from the convenience store.

I did manage to achieve some things last week. I got my screenplay submitted into Slamdance. So, keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. Plus, we are almost finished cutting together the rough cut of “An American Piano“, in fact we’ve only got one more scene to do, so we should be all done tomorrow! Woo!

What do you do with a non-day?

While I sit and wait for your answer… I will get to some much needed ironing… or not!


2 thoughts on “Non-Day #amnotwriting

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  1. Compared to my geeking out on crap TV whilst day-drinking and staying in one room as much as possible, yours does not sound like a non-day to me, Hamish! And conbini lunches are de rigeur; oh god, I’m hopeless. Cheers to Slamdance, bright light at the end of An American Piano and writing!

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