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Wading through someone else’s memorabilia,

Feeling nostalgic for a past that is not mine,

I dive into the abyss of a book of faces,

Not sure who are friends or foe,

For those who were once foes are now friends,

And those once were friends are now foes,

A bird cries out, “someone has pinned me to the wall”,

I read it, somewhere, stumbled upon a lost digging laughing squid,

Eye on nine, the mysteries of the universe,

Demi-gods tells us their secrets, minute-by-minute accounts,

A big brother, facism we all volunteered for,

The only way to communicate in twenty eleven,

Telling friends, “I’m OK, the radiation hasn’t got to me yet”,

Starting riots, making movies, changing the system, while conforming to a brave new world,

Ultra-transparency, of someone else getting nostalgic whilst looking at my memorabilia,

History sold to the lowest bidder.


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