Distributing Your Film By Yourself

These are great ideas for any filmmaker planning to work in the new hollywood. Creating and maintaining fan bases are the key to the new crowd-sourced studio-system, I believe.

Gideon's Screenwriting Tips: Now You're a Screenwriter

Jason Brubaker has been helping independent filmmakers take control of selling their films. With the advent of numerous VOD and online platforms, you can now reasonably earn a living without the use of sales agents or traditional distributors.

Consider the resources available to you at any given time. This should be your guide in terms of the movie you should make.

Here are some things to consider in your marketing strategy:


How does it compare with similar films in terms of budget and genre? Sharpen your hook. Is there a star attached or accolades that will attract attention? Is the concept strong enough to engage audiences?


Is there a market for your film? Perform a google search on your topic to see how many blogs, clubs, meet ups, chat rooms etc. Make a list of all…

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    1. I guess you wanted to put this on the “call center” blog. I don’t get those dreams anymore… but you worked in the call center longer than I did. That must be a frightening dream. The worst one for me was working in the call center, and then dreaming about working there at night, so you woke up feeling like you did a days work.

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