Guess who has an IMDB profile?

Guess who has an IMDB profile?

why that would be me! For those not in the know, it’s actually pretty hard to get on IMDB, and it’s used as a calling card at festivals and film events… so, having one is a big step in becoming legitimate. So, I’m pretty excited.


8 thoughts on “Guess who has an IMDB profile?

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      1. This things do take a while to do properly. How exciting to be sending the film to festivals soon. Please submitt it to Tropfest in sydney. It would be wonderful to see your work shown in australia.

      2. We’ll submit it to some places in Australia, but not Tropfest. You need to make the film uniquely for Tropfest, and include that year’s item or prop. I’d much rather it go to the Sydney Film Festival, Melb Int. Film Festival, or Flickerfest, as winning those festivals qualify you for the Academy Awards. Whereas Tropfest doesn’t.

  1. didnt know the rules around tropfest but glad you are aware of the other film fesitivilles in australia. hope you can show there as well. 🙂

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