Happy New ‘ear

Behind the scenes of "An American Piano" - between takes
Behind the scenes of “An American Piano” – between takes

In 2011, Paul and I made a music video for my all-time favourite singer, the divine Ms. Robyn Loau. We also made a short horror film which sits at #36 on Konami’s Top 50 fan-films. In 2012, we began working on the WW2 feature script “A Place Like Home”, and capped the year off by co-writing and producing the short film “An American Piano” which features the famous and talented Japanese TV Actor, Lou Oshiba. I also got to travel to Taipei, Korea, the USA and Australia. In 2013, “An American Piano” will hit the film festival circuits, and this month, a song I co-wrote with DJ OzyBoY (Radio Freedom) and Tim Hilberts, “Make me dance” will hit the clubs in Australia.

I’ve gotten to work with some amazing people the past couple of years (some listed, some not)… here’s to hoping that it will continue into 2013. May the force be with you 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy New ‘ear

  1. Happy New year Hamish. I spent it picnic with friends then on to the fireworks just at the end of Glebe at the Waterfront.

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