Sorry that I’m not really blogging, but I’m too busy actually making films to blog about films… oh, the irony!!!! For now, you can read about are some more of my travels with Lexee in Taipei.

Flirting With Travel

The second half of day one encompassed so much. From Chiang Kai-shek we checked out Longshan Temple.

Hamish had missed seeing a temple on his first trip to Taiwan, and I am addicted to exploring temples and shrines when traveling. I shall expand that to say, I enjoy seeing where the people worship, it typically tends to be the most lavish buildings with the most sordid history, not to mention the pinnacle of that countries architectural styling. Keep this in mind, see that mosque, shrine or cathedral; you won’t be disappointed. 


The temple was built in Qianlong 5th year in Qing Dynasty. Due to natural disaster and damages caused by men, the temple was restored several times. The doors, beams, and poles are beautifully decorated. There are a pair of bronze dragon poles in the front hall, four pairs of dragon poles in the middle hall. The sculptures are…

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