Enemies of the Script


“Is” and “are” pose a greater threat to your script than a grumpy reader at MGM. “Is” denotes a state. A state can be photographed, but it can’t be filmed. Activate that sentence now! Ah! But I hear you say, “what about ‘is ~ing’?” Well, yes that is an action, which can be filmed. But think of your script like Twitter. You only have a finite amount of space in which to tell your story. “The cat sits on the mat”, is much punchier than, “The cat is sitting on the mat”.


Anything past tense has already finished, and thus can’t be filmed. Keep everything in the present tense.

bad spelling.

I’m as guilty of it as the next person. But, really, we all have to strive for perfect spelling.


or any other form of cleaning. While those things need to be done, you do not need to spring clean every day. It is called work avoidance.

updating your blog.

yes, my friends and followers, I am currently procrastinating. This also goes for all forms of social media. So, back to my script. And back to yours too.

4 thoughts on “Enemies of the Script

    1. It’s be nice if people who said “I want to do X”, actually went and learned how to do X. It just feels like they are saying to you, “I’m so good that I don’t need to go and pay my dues”.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my little blog 🙂

      1. We’re a happy little blogging community for the most part, as long as you stay away from the bloggers bragging about their guns and complaining about Muslims and gays. Haha. good to speak with other writers.

        Pay dues where dues are due. If you’re a savant, I’ll jealously hate you, and then praise your work.

        But yes, most industries have conventions and it certainly helps to learn them.

      2. Will make sure not to visit those sites! And, as Alan Bond once famously said, “I don’t have brains, I employ them”… so if you find that idiot savant – just ride their coattails to success! (I’m looking at you Kim Kardashian)

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