The History of Lego

This very sirupy short film on the history of Lego is actually very interesting, despite the fact that they gloss over World War Two, and a number of very key, interesting parts to the story. I used to be addicted to Lego growing up. Those bricks were so expensive, but the amount of things I could do with them was endless. While I spent my time as a child dreaming of becoming an Architect, I ended up designing worlds. After all the job of a writer is to create a world, and the job of a producer is to actually produce that world. So, this is why I forgive LEGO doing what we all do with the history of our lives, glossing over the bad parts, focusing on the good parts, and in general putting our best foot forward. Thank you LEGO for the tools to let my imagination run wild! And thank you to my parents who bought them for me.


9 thoughts on “The History of Lego

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    1. It really is interesting, it’s just a shame that the glossed over so many historical events.

      I guess it must be using something like that. To be honest, the animation isn’t that great. I reminds me of the kind of look Sony Animation Studios pump out (which isn’t my favourite look).

      1. It does look very similar! It must be. Although the animators on the above video are better at achieving “gravity” and hand grips in CG than the LEGO video.

    1. of course 🙂 Although Lego was really more my thing, than it was your thing. I played lego with you, with Javard, by myself… I just loved those plastic bricks. So, what did you think of the film?

  1. I like this. I loved legos growing up too. I just really wish they would have researched how to pronounce the names better. Ole shouldn’t sound like Olé. It should sounds like Ol-uh. And they messed up other names too.

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