Movies that aren’t what they seem: Saturday Night Fever

Eddie Murphy got a shock one night…

Like Eddie Murphy alleged when he picked up a  hooker, “but officer, I could have sworn it was a woman!” Sometimes it is difficult to really know what you are getting in for when you sit down to watch a movie. And to me, that is half the fun.

The first in a planned series of movies that aren’t what they seem is:

Saturday Night Fever

A Brooklyn youth feels his only chance to get somewhere is as the king of the disco floor.

What I expected:

What I got:

A movie that is up there with the other greats from the 70s, like The Godfather and Rocky (with which it shares some themes). Saturday Night Fever is a film that is very underrated.

What’s the film that took you most by surprise? Send your answers to – @hcharlesdownie


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