Five performances that should have won oscars

Laura Dern “Inland Empire”

It is Laura Dern’s singular performance that holds this incoherent, yet brilliant film together. Her performance defines the term “tour de force”.


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony in “EL CANTANTE”

What a shame this film didn’t get the recognition it deserved. Incredible music, and the performance of a lifetime from not one, but two stars. Do yourself a favour and see this undiscovered classic.


Genevieve Bujold in “Eye of the beholder”

In Marc Behm’s book, Genevieve Bujold’s character was an evil woman. Thanks to Stephan Elliott’s script, Bujold turns this character completely around to where not only do you have sympathy for the devil, but you discover that she is human, and the character becomes one of the most likeable in the film.


Naomi Watts in “Mullholand Dr.”

Purposefully bad dialogue. Not just bad, but woefully pedestrian dialogue. David Lynch and Naomi Watts shine a light on the magic of directing and acting done the right way.

What’s on your list? @hcharlesdownie

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