Short Film Tuesday: Stephan Elliott

The man himself, Stephan Elliott

My favourite directors are Paul Leeming, Stephan Elliott, Ang Lee, and to a lesser extent David Lynch. This week’s short film tuesday takes a look at the early short films of Stephan Elliott, The Agreement and The Fast. They are both a little left of centre, as you would expect, and you can definitely see the kind of director he was to become. I wonder what that means for my creative efforts? What kind of filmmaker does my filmography make me? At the moment, it seems that I will be doing a lot of Japan-related films (as my upcoming schedule will only cement further).

The Fast is the better of the two, it thematically and stylistically most resembles his feature film debut, Frauds. The Agreement has shades of both Priscilla and Eye of the Beholder. They are both well worth watching.

I have also included at the end, a clip from the set of Eye of the Beholder.

Happy Birthday Stephan Elliott (for yesterday).

The Agreement

The Fast

Killing Priscilla (Clip)

SFT: The first outing >> SFT: Lynch >> SFT: Love Dystopia >> @hcharlesdownie


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