The Brave New World of Entertainment

I don’t watch short films. They are a dead art. But you watch videos on youtube, what do you think they are?

In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes – Andy Warhol

No one is paying for music. People act as if it is their right to get music for free. Film, television, comics and books are going the same way. How do we, the creative people get people to pay for our work? No point doing what the music industry is trying to do i.e. shoot itself in the foot. The horse has bolted. How do we navigate this brave new world of entertainment?

“The great hope is that…some little fat girl in Ohio is going to be the new Mozart and make a beautiful film.”  – Francis Ford Coppola

Here’s a possible answer.

The Oatmeal on The State of the Music Industry >> 

Here’s another:

But what about the craziest fans?

How do we marry the two?

Microfilmmaking is the future of the entertainment industry. Crowd-sourced funding. The ultimate democratisation of filmmaking and entertainment at large. We all must become like Amanda Palmer and reach out to the fans to help us create art. This also creates an interesting dilemma for the relationship between star and stalker. Now these people have the ultimate power. On the flip side, Amanda also spends a lot of time on twitter talking to her fans. I’ve been to a secret ninja concert of hers, she creates a real sense of family with her fans.

But what if you’re d just starting out and don’t have any fans yet?

We still need to pay our dues, slogging it out in short films, and building fan-bases, who will ultimately be the ones that we ask to fund our projects. Kind of pre-sales tickets.

Getting stars whose fans are willing to fund your feature, will also be the ultimate goal of this era.

As far as Australia is concerned, this is where Screen Australia should come in. They should be helping new promising filmmakers build fan-bases. Funding not just one, but several short films. Targeting both vimeo/youtube and the traditional film festivals.

These are my thoughts on the brave new world of entertainment. But I hope to start a conversation. Where do you think we are heading? Leave a comment below.



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