Short Film Tuesday: The weird, the wonderful, and the Lynch

I’ve got a pretty wild bunch for you this tuesday. From the little Kiwi that could, to David Lynch’s latest offering, to Jim Carrey and Kathy Griffin’s ode to young stars, and everything in between.

First up is the original short film that went on to become the film District 9. A must watch for any filmmaker (like myself) wanting to follow the same path. This compelling film really make you want to watch (and fund) the feature film.

Next up is David Lynch’s latest offering. A conversation with a Barbie doll over his signature brand of coffee. It is strangely compelling, and perhaps somewhat insightful into the way he controls his lead actresses… perhaps. I couldn’t help but think of Naomi Watts in Mullholand Dr.

Next up is The Manual, an incredible Australian film. Easily one of the best things to come out of Australia for a long time. A beautiful, heartbreaking story, which features Susie Porter, the star of one of my favourite films, Welcome to Woop Woop.

Next up is Jim Carrey confessing his love to Emma Stone. It makes for very uncomfortable viewing. Funny in both senses of the word. Is it intended as a comedy? It is the real deal?

Next up is Kathy Griffin’s response film. An ode to Justin Bieber. It goes head to head with Jim Carrey’s version for uncomfortable viewing, and is also equally funny in both senses of the word.

Next up is one of my favourite you tube stars, Charlie Hides. He is most famous for his Madonna’s Gaga Nightmare series. I personally love this crazy little send up of Joan Collins. NSFW.

Next up we have someone who was obviously inspired by David Lynch’s work and has done a great job making Nought. It also reminds me of Silent Hill, so maybe you can see why I like it.

Next up is the equally horrific, but also hilarious look into the life of a pumpkin at Halloween.

Finally, it’s the one you have been waiting for, my favourite selection for this week, Kiwi. Delightful, daring, beautiful, funny, heart-warming… their aren’t enough superlatives for this film. I absolutely love it. And I think you will too.

So, until next time, be safe, be happy. And tell me your favourite short films by sending me a message on twitter.


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