A new paradigm

This is very interesting. It is very true that the old paradigm is shifting. WIth the world’s traditional media becoming increasingly polemic, it’s important to present an alternative view.

I think the future of independent cinema is crowd-sourcing and ticket pre-sales. I think that the era of the short film is coming back. That filmmakers need to produce a series of short films, each one building your audience, until you have enough of a groundswell that crowd-sourching and pre-sales to fund your film projects become feasible. Traditional government incentives are still needed, but their focus should be on these short films. It should be about developing careers and developing fan bases.

Africa is a Country (Old Site)

Theatrical release is the holy grail of filmmaking. Well, it was until relatively recently. But, since the internet, dvds, digital files and all the other ethereal modes of sharing and circulating became available to the masses, alternative modes of film production and distribution began to challenge the studio system, the distribution system, and perhaps even cinema itself. We’re all well aware of the nearing doomsday of celluloid, the ‘end of film’. Yet, this is only a fraction of what constitutes ‘film’.

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