Happy Friday the 13th from Silent Hill in Japan!

My shadow, at a pit-stop on the way to the film shoot for “Silent Hill: Stolen Heart” at about 7am.

Here is the Silent Hill fan-film we shot a short while ago in a Japanese Ghost Town “Haikyo“. For your friday the 13th pleasure 😉

It was shot to mimic the in game POV camera and as a fan, we wanted to make it as accurate as possible to the world of Silent Hill, so there’s lots of little nods to various parts of the mythology for those interested 😉

We also shot in an abandoned mining town that I’m sure was a strong inspiration to the original game developers, in what used to be the hospital, so the eerieness factor was through the roof; especially considering the town was abandoned in 1974, the same year Silent Hill was supposedly abandoned after the fires….

Here is the “making-of” documentary we did to go along with it.

Let me know what you thought of it in the comments section, or tweet me @hcharlesdownie or the director @visceralpsyche. We’d love to hear from you!


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