Short Film Tuesday: Marbletown (and Nina Simone)

A great short film I came across recently. Don't get scared off by the 38 minute run time - it's well worth your while. I think this would make a great feature film. Similar to a post I made a while back on strange covers (Mae West covers The Doors), here is another legend covering... Continue Reading →


New Vlog Series “Hamish’s Kitchen”

I've started a daily vlog "Hamish's Kitchen" which will detail the process of making my first feature-length film: Hamish's Kitchen Playlist I hope that you'll check it out! Hopefully it will provide some insight into what a producer's life is like. Best wishes for the season! xx

Reviews of “Mirai” my debut manga

I'm very excited to share that my manga, "Mirai" is getting some press this week. First and foremost from "TG Geeks" both on their podcast, and on their website! Also, on the website World Comic Book Review, there is a great review which I'm so grateful to receive! If you haven't picked it up yet,... Continue Reading →

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