I’ve been really busy this past 5 months since my last post. I’ve been mainly working on writing new scripts (of which there are two now), and hopefully we’ll be moving towards making a feature this year.

Recently, because of some issues with the licensing, our fan film, “Silent Hill: Stolen Heart” was taken down from youtube. However, this gave us a great opportunity to re-do the colour and do new original music for the film. We used Tim Hilberts (who worked on the music for “Pieces of 8”), and you can see the results here:

The theme song, “My mistakes” is available from Tim’s soundcloud account as a free download.

Tim’s band, “He and Him” are also teasing the release of their debut single, “Never should’ve known”, which you can see here:

Paul and I are getting the “An American Piano” DVD ready for release, but first there are two more festivals which we’ve got into – which brings the total to over 15 festivals. It’s crazy to think of the places this film has traveled. I just hope that the film’s message can be heard by more people. The world seems like it gunning towards a major world war, and I just hope that that doesn’t eventuate.


The vital importance of LEGO

21. Hamish's house (with ackground light mode)(12.05 pm  Sun 27 Jan 1991).jpgThis photo was taken back in 1991. Lego was such an important part of my childhood. If you think I love music and film now, it’s nothing compared to how much I loved Lego as a kid. I spent every last dime I had on lego bricks (not unlike filmmaking now).
It’s a little embarrassing, but you can see how I used to use the cheaper bricks in the back to make up for the fact I didn’t have enough of the more expensive white bricks. I was inspired by the exhibition homes that I used to force my suffering family to visit when I wanted to become an architect (now I make scripts – the blueprint for a film – not a house). A lot of houses which were designed to look more expensive than they were used to be brick in the front, and weatherboard in the back.

Robyn Loau – “The Last Time”

Thank you as always to the ‘Big Gay Horror Fan’ for sharing my latest short film/music video for Robyn Loau – “The Last Time”:)

Big Gay Horror Fan

As the GLBT community finally gains its rights and full respects in the eyes of the law, it seems like the worst time to genuflect before its faults. But, humanity is a complex and varied beast and, for years now, queer publications have covered the very harrowing (and unfortunately) truthful stories of domestic violence that occur in same sex relationships.

Recently, director-writer Hamish Downie and cinematographer Paul Lemming gave these circumstances a very Silent Hill twist with their video for singer Robyn Loau’s The Last Time. Imbued with a restrained toxicity, this tale of a lesbian couple caught in a loop of violence, is, ultimately, haunting on many levels.

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!


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Short Film Tuesday: Overture

I haven’t done a short film tuesday in a while… but this one is incredible. I had to share.

I had nothing to do with this, but I really wish I did!

The reviews are in! “The Last Time” is a critical success!


Here’s something you might like! Great cinematography, great visuals, great everything! Give it a shot and tell us what you think!😀

Posted by The Spotlight Spectrum on Friday, 25 September 2015

And here’s a quote from “We are indie Horror”:

“Hamish has taken a nightmare story from his personal history and has turned it into a stunningly shot and edited music video for the song “The Last Time” by Australian artist Robyn Loau. The song and the video are dichotomies of each other, where the music itself is in the major key and feels almost like pop music, and Hamish’s video visually and content wise are the exact opposite.” – We are Indie Horror

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

New Music Video “The Last Time” directed by Hamish Downie

Released today. I ask you to please tweet this video using the hashtag #stoptheviolence

Let’s make a change in the world.

Robyn Loau – “The Last Time” – Music Video Teaser #stoptheviolence

I’m proud and a little scared to share this with all of you. I hope you like the teaser trailer.


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