Quote of the day – Winston Churchill


If you are going through hell – keep going.

- Winston Churchill

For anyone interested in my hellish experience, the rabbit hole begins here.

#100gratefulDays Never Let You Down

Shot from inside a glass elevator. Our spy movie/Hitchcock shot.

Shot from inside a glass elevator. Our spy movie/Hitchcock shot.

About four years ago, I got the chance to make a music video for Robyn Loau. It was the first professional shoot I’d ever done, having only previously made a short animation, and a TVC parody at university ten years prior.

That leap of faith Robyn and her management team made in me has lead to me to an incredible working relationship/partnership with Visceral Psyche Films, and to An American Piano, the short film which took us all the way to the Festival de Cannes.

I’m really pleased to announce something that I’ve been keeping extremely close to my chest…

I’ve been given to opportunity to work with Robyn again on a new music video project. It’s going to feature Qyoko Kudo and Tomoko Hayakawa and has a lot of the people from “An American Piano” working behind the scenes, including Paul and Hitomi Kaneda. I’m not giving anything away, but what I can say is this video is going to knock your socks off. Who knows where this one will lead?

So until the next one is released, here is the video for “Never let you down”:

I hope you enjoy it.

To find out more, please go here.

#100gratefulDays Culture Shock

While I’m not half-anything, I live between two worlds. I’ve lived so long in Japan that I don’t really feel Australian, especially in Australia… but in Japan, I don’t feel Japanese. While this can feel like you are rootless, cast adrift at sea without a lifeline. At the same time it is incredibly liberating. You truly do become a citizen of the world. When you look at the world from space, aside from the boundaries created by the ocean, there truly are no boarders. We really should think about that more.

It’s what Fincher doesn’t do that makes him different

A great little video, which compliments the one I did recently.

Bette Davis quote for the day

To fulfil a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given a chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. The money is the gravy.

- Bette Davis

#100gratefulDays I’m grateful for my gut

Back when I was 14/15, I considered myself a psychic. It was an ability that I couldn’t control however, and it lead to me seeing things that I wished to unsee.  So, one day I said to myself no more. And there was no more, no more dreams, no more visions.

As an adult, I’ve recently realised that it has manifested itself again, but in a different, more controlled way. Being psychic is now more about “reading the air”, and “being open to the signs the world gives everyone”, then deciding what the most logical outcome would be from these signs. I tend to be fairly accurate in my predictions. It’s a good counter-balance to the part of me that thinks everything I do will be hugely successful. While that positivity is what drives me to make films in the first place (because it really does take a great deal of nerve to be an artist), it does need to be kept in check. I don’t always keep it in check, and can be swept away by the lovely dreams that it offers, despite what logic and reason would dictate. However, when I do get swept away, there is that little voice there at the end of the process saying that you predicted this.

#ShortFilmTuesday Casualty – by Nima Raoofi

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I thought I’d share with you a little film with big ideas from one of the people I met at Cannes, Nima Raoofi.


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