‘Only three kinds of scenes’—Mike Nichols

Hamish Downie:

Very sad that we have lost so many greats.

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According to the Encyclopedia of Chicago, improv as a structured theatrical art form began in 1955 when David Shepherd and Paul Stills started the ensemble group the Compass Players in Chicago. Many of the alumni later went on to be part of Second City.

Along with Compass Players Ed Asner, Alan Alda, Valerie Harper and others was a German born, former pre-med major, and method trained actor named Mike Nichols—who would later go on to be one of the few people to win the rare combination of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards.

When Nichols, who passed away this week, was asked in 2013 if there were any ground rules for improvisations with the Compass Players he replied:

“The greatest rule was [Elaine May's], ‘when in doubt, seduce.’ That became the rule for the whole group. And looking back, because I did teach acting for a while, we figured out over a long time that there only…

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Meet Anger and Sadness – best idea for a movie in a long time!

Meet my two new favourite Disney characters.



I don’t think Disneyland will ever be the same again. Seriously, Pixar needs a world all unto itself.

What a fantastic idea. Making a kids animation out of all the emotions. There is something very American and disappointing about the teaser trailer, “let’s all get together and be friends – together we can make it happen!”

But the one good thing about it is that it reminds you just how big of an emotional punch “UP!” had. I can already tell that I’ll be lining up to buy a plush version of Sadness and Anger. Love those characters already. But, I just get this strong feeling that the movie itself is going to let me down.

What are your thoughts?

Paul Leeming’s Pieces of 8

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pieces of 8
Controversy is never a bad thing. Right?

Accomplished director Paul Leeming is finding this out with his visually stunning, syrupy ode to female regret, Pieces of 8. A quick yet potent look at the specific damages that personal freedom can promote, this ripping horror piece has been gaining protests from those who believe it buys into a pro-life agenda.

But here, Leeming, a pro-choice atheist in real life, seems to be simply acknowledging the fact that, while a vital option, there is nothing easy about the decision to terminate a life. This is something that this richly acted, agonizingly gorgeous piece brings home hard.

You can keep up with Leeming and his production company Visceral Psyche at


Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan


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Happy #Halloween – a new short film from Paul Leeming – Pieces of 8

Welcome to a slice of purgatory for one woman who has made a grievous error in her life and is now fated to repeat it forever….

Written and Directed by Paul Leeming, this video was shot at the YouTube Space House of Horrors with Legendary Entertainment, exclusively for the Guillermo Del Toro 2014 horror competition.

Starring Aimi Sekiguchi (https://www.youtube.com/user/aiminp) and Tomoko Hayakawa.

Music by Tim Hilberts (https://www.facebook.com/timhilbertsm…).

Cinematography by Toshikazu Kaneto.

Special Effects makeup and design by David Mazzucchi.

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Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Quote of the day – Winston Churchill


If you are going through hell – keep going.

- Winston Churchill

For anyone interested in my hellish experience, the rabbit hole begins here.

#100gratefulDays Never Let You Down

Shot from inside a glass elevator. Our spy movie/Hitchcock shot.

Shot from inside a glass elevator. Our spy movie/Hitchcock shot.

About four years ago, I got the chance to make a music video for Robyn Loau. It was the first professional shoot I’d ever done, having only previously made a short animation, and a TVC parody at university ten years prior.

That leap of faith Robyn and her management team made in me has lead to me to an incredible working relationship/partnership with Visceral Psyche Films, and to An American Piano, the short film which took us all the way to the Festival de Cannes.

I’m really pleased to announce something that I’ve been keeping extremely close to my chest…

I’ve been given to opportunity to work with Robyn again on a new music video project. It’s going to feature Qyoko Kudo and Tomoko Hayakawa and has a lot of the people from “An American Piano” working behind the scenes, including Paul and Hitomi Kaneda. I’m not giving anything away, but what I can say is this video is going to knock your socks off. Who knows where this one will lead?

So until the next one is released, here is the video for “Never let you down”:

I hope you enjoy it.

To find out more, please go here.

#100gratefulDays Culture Shock

While I’m not half-anything, I live between two worlds. I’ve lived so long in Japan that I don’t really feel Australian, especially in Australia… but in Japan, I don’t feel Japanese. While this can feel like you are rootless, cast adrift at sea without a lifeline. At the same time it is incredibly liberating. You truly do become a citizen of the world. When you look at the world from space, aside from the boundaries created by the ocean, there truly are no boarders. We really should think about that more.


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