#100gratefulDays #010 I’m grateful for a sense of curiosity

DSC_0204I’m grateful for a sense of curiosity that hasn’t left me despite being well into my adulthood. I can’t say that it has always got me into great things, but it’s given me a very rich (in experience) life. I am a very shy person by nature, so I’m glad that that is balanced out by my desire just to find out what that thing would be like to experience. It’s one of the things that took me to Japan, has meant that I’ve dyed my hair every colour imaginable, and dated someone from ever habitable continent on earth. And has taken me to a Korean hot springs to get a hot cup massage (pictured). As my great-grandfather once said, “see that sheep, when it’s dead, it’s dead. And when I die, I’ll also be dead”. None of us truly know what happens to us after we die, but the one thing we can control is how we approach our lives. And I hope that I continue to be as curious as a cat.

#100gratefulDays #009 I’m grateful for the people I met at Cannes

Paul and Hamish at Cannes (with Taeko on camera)

Paul and Hamish at Cannes (with Taeko on camera)

We got to go to the Screen Australia seminar at the Cannes Film Festival for all the Australians who had a short film at the festival. The best part was the people we got to meet there. People who were just like us, having worked on some things that got recognition, but now we were ready to take it to the next level, and we were at Cannes to say to the world, “HERE I AM!”

We got to meet Sean, a absolute ball of energy, who’s film “Nerds in Love” was so much fun and has done so well on the circuit, and his lovely girlfriend Gail. We also got to meet Olivia and Di, whose film, “Happy Melancholia” was one of the highlights of the festival. And then we also got to meet Nima, who had made this film:

Which I think it just amazing.

It’s funny the way us Aussies stick together.

#100gratefulDays #007 Japanese Animation


I’m grateful for Ghilbi and for Japanese Animation. It inspired me artistically and also was the driving force behind me coming to Tokyo. A wonderful, if sometimes maddening place, where all my dreams have come true.

#100gratefulDays #005 I’m grateful for my parents

Parents and me

I’m so grateful for my parents. I wasn’t the easiest kid for a minister to have. And while I didn’t realise it at the time, I’m so glad they allowed me the room to develop as an artist and never tried to shoehorn me into anything, despite how much easier it would have been for them. I wish I had been more aware and grateful of this as a kid. I just assumed that because I was good at art, therefore I deserved to have art classes, lego, and anything else my little heart desired.

I’m grateful to have them in my life now, the older I get the more I realise that I am exactly like them. It’s really good to have someone in your life who sees the world the way you do and is a bit further along in the road, so they can tell you what’s up ahead.

The David Fincher Effect

The Fincher Effect“, which was made by Karan Chandra Bose, is a 15min supercut of David Fincher’s favourite camera techniques is a fascinating look a film through a director’s eye.

I can only hope that I can be half as good with my upcoming project.

#100gratefulDays #004 – I’m grateful for my day job and my students.


I’m very grateful for my day job. Not just because it provides me with my bread and butter, and not only because it allows me to pay for my filmmaking projects and to turn down jobs I don’t want to do.

That job, for those interested, is TEACHER. I’ve worn a few hats as a teacher, in-store trainer, Art Teacher, Design Teacher, and what I’m doing now, teaching English as a second language, which also sometimes involves assisting in the training of new teachers. I’ve also mentored a few young artists in my time.

The reason I am grateful for this job is that it allows me to meet people from all walks of life, and talk to people that I otherwise would never talk to. I’ve learned that people with different points of view to myself can be just as wonderful and funny and charming as people with whom I share a common interest. It has also forced me to find a common interest with everyone I meet. Even if that it just a simple thing like the fact that we both like the same Japanese food.

Not only is this good practice for things like Cannes (where you are literally talking to hundreds of strangers every day, trying to make a connection), but it’s been good for me as a person. Being fairly shy and introverted, it’s not really in my nature to just go up to a person and strike up a conversation. I tend to stick with the people I know well and feel comfortable with if I do go out. If not, I tend to prefer my own company. But, I am a bit of a social introvert. I do like talking to people (unless they are energy vampires), and being able to communicate is an important skill to have (unless one has telekinesis). And I truly have learned by teaching.

Some of my biggest achievements have happened through teaching, and they have usually been small things that I’ve done just out of routine, but have made a big impact on someone else.

I am by no means a perfect teacher, but I have made a small impact on some people’s lives, for which I am truly humbled by. And they have in turn, made a huge impact on my life, for which I will be eternally grateful.

#100gratefulDays #003 – What I’m meant to be doing

I’m grateful to be doing what I’m meant to be doing. I may not be making a huge amount of money doing it. But that’s not what’s important.

“An American Piano” the film I wrote and produced is affecting the very people it was made about. I’ve just learned from the daughter of the woman the film is based on, that it has helped connect her mother with some of the very people she played the piano for and their descendants.

Which is better than any prize out there. 

Grateful and humbled.


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